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Bereavement and Grieving
When you lose someone close to you, a family member, partner, child or friend your life is indelibly changed. It is natural to go through a process of grieving and this process is different for everyone. You may feel shock, disbelief and anger, you may be unable to sleep, feel anxious, resentful, guilty or confused. Depression is also common after the loss of a loved one.

The important thing to remember is that there is hope at the other end of it all and while you are grieving and that grief will always be with you it does get easier to deal with over time.

There are things you can do in the initial stages of grief to help you cope; talking about and expressing your grief is important, sharing memories about your loved one and reflecting on good times with them is also a good way to deal with the loss. Make time to go through your grief rather than blocking it out and find things that comfort you such as music, reading, writing and exercise.

Your funeral director will be able to suggest counselling services for you and will be a great support in the initial stages of your loss.

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