We’ve had the funeral the cremation has taken place. Now what to do with the ashes?

You can inter the ashes at a cemetery, in a cremation lawn plot, garden plot, niche wall or scatter in an allocated area of the cemetery.

The ashes can be retained in the crematorium-supplied urn or transferred to one of your choice, of which there are many to choose from. Urns come in a range of colour, designs and can be made of ceramic, metal, granite, plastic, wood, porcelain, marble or glass.

There is also the option of keeping a small amount of the ashes in a piece of jewellery or blown into a glass sphere, which can contain a colour of your choice.

Ashes can be scattered on private land that you own. If the ashes are to be scattered on public land or waterways, you are required to obtain permission from the local council and iwi prior to scattering.

You can contact us to discuss these options and expenses that best suit your needs. The options are not limited to the ones described and more than one can be selected.