Auckland Pre Paid Funerals - Pre Arrangements Funerals

While many people don’t really want to think about their own funeral it pays to look at it from the perspective of the people you leave behind. The cost of a funeral can be high and with everything else that is going on at the time, is it really something you want your family to have to worry about.

Pre-paid funerals offer your family instant support to cover the cost of a funeral. Here at Battersby's we offer 3 options of payment towards your funeral expenses. You can work the cost into your insurance plan so that when the time comes the money will be available for your family to use to pay for things like the service, casket and funeral director.

Fill out this form and one of our directors will contact you to discuss your options.

Pre-Planning your funeral is a way of ensuring your wishes are carried out and your family doesn’t have to worry about planning the details. You don’t have to pre-pay to pre-plan simply fill out this form or call us and we can put a plan in place for your service.

My Funeral Requests

Being prepared and recording your own choices is very astute, and something we encourage, if not for yourself but to lift the decision-making burden on those left behind.

On the inside of this pamphlet is a form with the details required for formal registration of death, and an opportunity to note down some specific personal requirements for the funeral.

We do provide a service for you to prepay towards your funeral expenses, using BNZ client fund services account

You can download My Funeral Requests form here : Download form or in booklet format here : Download form